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Convert your SiteScape scan into an accurate BIM & CAD Model without lifting a finger. Open any scan on the SiteScape web app and tap Order BIM to get started.*

Streamline Your Workflow: With our cutting-edge app, capture spaces in 3D using just your iPhone or iPad, reducing time spent on field measurements, and as-built drawings.

Unparalleled Convenience and Accuracy: Virtually revisit your scanned spaces anytime, anywhere, and from any device, ensuring that you never miss a key measurement or site detail again.

Fast and Cost-Effective Solutions: Receive editable, design-ready files in as little as one business day, enabling you to meet tight project deadlines with ease.

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*PLEASE NOTE: Order BIM requires scans captured with Medium or High point density (tap the gear icon in the SiteScape mobile app to access scan settings). Scans must then be synced to the cloud as Order BIM is not accessible from the SiteScape mobile app.


What is SiteScape Order BIM?


Order BIM is a service that allows you to convert 3D scans into a Building Information Model (BIM)—in hours, not weeks or months.

Who is Order BIM most useful for?


AEC-Industry design professionals as well as on-site engineering and property management teams. With many locations under management and aspirations to digitize and create intelligent, searchable, editable models usable across multiple software platforms.

  • Acquisitions: verify dimensions and square footage for new lease terms, at scale.
  • Design/Engineering: create new plans on accurate architectural backgrounds.
  • Facilities/Operations: quickly view and verify existing conditions of spaces across their portfolio.
  • Estimating/Procurement: Quantify your material, furniture, and spatial dimensions accurately.
  • Construction Management: Use an accurate BIM to verify site dimensions and quantities.
  • Sales/Marketing: Use BIM to visualize floor plans in an infinite amount of views.

Scan requirements (Important!)


Order BIM requires the following to be successful and accurate

  • Scans must be captured with Medium or High point density (tap the gear icon in the SiteScape mobile app to access scan settings) and orders for Low point density scans will not be accepted.
  • Scan must cover the entire space to be modeled (BIM orders will only include what is visible in the scan).
  • Multi-Scans must be merged before the can be used for Order BIM and all scans must be free of alignment errors.
  • Scans must follow scanning best practices here.

What does the product include?


Order BIM digitally recreates the existing conditions of any space visible and accessible in the 3D scan in Revit & IFC format. The following order scopes are available:

  • Interior architecture (required)
  • Furniture, Fittings, and Equipment
  • Mechanical Equipment, Ducting, and Piping Systems

What files does Order BIM include?


All BIM orders include the following file types by default:

  • .RVT (Revit 2020+ Project) Existing Conditions
  • .DWG Floor Plans CAD
  • .DWG Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • .IFC Information Model

What are the processing times for Order BIM?


The Order BIM File is expected to consistently achieve the following production processing times (in hours). These hourly ranges start upon the time of receipt of the registered point cloud.

  • (1 - 500 Square feet) - 24 - 96 Hours
  • (501 - 1000 Square feet) - 48 - 96 Hours
  • (1001 - 3000 Square feet) - 72 - 120 Hours

How will I receive my final deliverable?


The final deliverables will be sent to the email address provided during payment.

Can I request scopes other than Architecture, MEP, and Furniture?


Architecture is a required scope. Optional scopes are MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing) and Furniture

How do I modify an order that I’ve already submitted?


In case you need to modify your order, you can send us an email at
*Note: You can cancel your order within 1-hour to get a full refund.

Is the Architecture scope always required?


Architecture scope is always required for all of the orders.

How long will a refund take to clear?


SiteScape submits refunds immediately. Depending on the bank's processing time, it can take 5-10 business days to show up on your end.

Is my deposit refundable?


If your order is canceled within the 1-hour cancellation window, we will refund your full deposit to the card provided when the order was submitted.

How accurate is the final product?


Order BIM final deliverables are "true-to-scan" and rely on the accuracy of the point cloud generated from you mobile device. Deliverables are modeled at a level-of-development (LOD) 200. We recommend using our scanning best practices here to get the most out of your point cloud. The BIM will mirror the accuracy of the point cloud and at best, a complete point cloud that satisfies all “best scanning practices” and prerequisites may allow for an accurate BIM within 1” - 4” of accuracy to true site conditions. However, a variety of factors may cause larger margins of inaccuracy from true site conditions and SiteScape does not make any guarantees or assurances regarding the accuracy of the Building Information Model (BIM).

What software is required to open files from Order BIM?


To open files from Order BIM, you will need software that supports the RVT 2020+ and DWG file formats, such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, or a compatible viewer application.

Is it cheaper or faster if I only get CAD files?


No. All BIM orders include a package set of files. We currently do not offer the ability to only order 2D CAD files without the 3D BIM.

What payment methods do you accept?


We accept payments via Stripe, which supports a variety of payment methods, including major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Stripe provides a secure and reliable payment processing platform for our customers, ensuring that their transactions are processed safely and efficiently.

When will my card be charged?


You will be charged 50% of the total order when you place your order. Once your order is completed, the remaining balance will be charged to your card.

How long do I have to cancel an order?


We have established a one-hour cancellation period after an order is placed. If you cancel your order within this period, you will receive a full refund to the card used for checkout.

How do I cancel my order?


To cancel your order, you need to access your BIM order confirmation email and click on the cancellation button.

* requires iPhone 12-15 Pro, iPhone 12-15 Pro Max, or 2020-2022 iPad Pro

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