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professional-grade 3d scanning
The fastest way to capture & share scale-accurate 3D scans of buildings, rooms, and spaces with your LiDAR equipped iOS device

Wow, can't believe this is possible without a $50k LIDAR system - Dirk Powers

Get this app if you are in survey or draft! - cheezle1215

THE BEST LiDAR point cloud app in the whole app store - c3cris

Save hours on drafting and 3D modeling with standardized pricing and turn-around times you can rely on.
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Making Scan-to-BIM
Easier Than Ever.

Convert your SiteScape scan into an accurate BIM and CAD model without lifting a finger.
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A LiDAR scanner in your pocket

Instant site documentation that saves hours on field measurements and thousands in rework. Check out

All you need is a few moments and an iPhone 12-15 Pro, iPhone 12-15 Pro Max, or 2020-2024 iPad Pro.

Check out our new Photo Annotations, the ultimate site inspection tool!


Built for construction

Export industry-standard RCP, E57, and PLY files to your favorite CAD/BIM software.

Unlock a new level of efficiency and confidence by connecting designs to existing conditions and save hours on drafting and modeling.


Entire buildings, to the inch

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a scan is worth a thousand measurements. Capture both simultaneously with the new Photo Annotations feature.

Get inch-level accuracy and the full context with the only app that can accurately capture at the building-scale, up to 5,000 ft² or 500 m², with SiteScape Multi-Scan.

Trusted by thousands of design-build professionals

"We got efficiencies, the client got efficiencies, and in the end it was a near flawless work process"

Holo-Blok Architecture

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Verifying as-builts with scan data

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the compatible devices?

SiteScape requires an iPhone 12-15 Pro, iPhone 12-15 Pro Max, or the 2020 (or newer) iPad Pro.

How accurate are scans?

Measurements are typically within an inch.

We conducted a small accuracy study and found that without tracking drift, measurements are accurate to within +/- 1 inch on average. The study included 9 scans of the same space with known measurements marked with yellow tape using various SiteScape scan density settings and then verified by measuring the control lengths with CloudCompare.

More info:

How do I quickly share scans?

You can share a link to your scan via text, email, or in whatever software you use. The viewer can then open and view the scan on any device, thanks to our web viewer.

What file types can I use to export scans?

Scans can be exported as .RCP, .e57, or .PLY files. You can find walkthroughs for converting scans into .LAS, .LAZ, and .XYZ with CloudCompare in our help docs.

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Download the app to capture and export unlimited scans with a free SiteScape account

* requires iPhone 12-15 Pro, iPhone 12-15 Pro Max, or 2020-2022 iPad Pro

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