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SiteScape Pro

How much is SiteScape Pro?
SiteScape Pro is $49.99/month billed monthly, or you can save 25% with an annual subscription for $37.50/month. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime.

What can I do with SiteScape Pro?
Multi-Scan: SiteScape Pro unlocks Multi-Scan which allows you to capture 10 scans back-to-back and then seamlessly merge them into a single, accurate model.

Photo Annotations: SiteScape Pro also includes Photo Annotations, the ultimate site inspection tool. Just tap as you scan to capture rich details, mapped to the correct location within your scans.

Order BIM: Want to convert your SiteScape scans into accurate BIM & CAD models? Check out our new Order BIM service!

Finally, Pro also comes with unlimited cloud hosting with the SiteScape web app. Free users can have one scan synced to the cloud at a time with access to all cloud features and syncing additional scans automatically replaces the previous scan.

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General Questions

What devices are compatible with SiteScape?
SiteScape requires a device with the Apple LiDAR sensor. These include the iPhone 12-15 Pro, iPhone 12-15 Pro Max, or the 2020 (or newer) iPad Pro.

Does SiteScape support Android?
Unfortunately, no, the SiteScape app uses the Apple LiDAR sensor as a core part of our 3D scanning engine in addition to several tools in ARKit that are not available in Android's ARCore. However, if you have a newer Samsung or Huawei phone you may be able to use this Android scanning app.

What file types can I use to export scans?
Scans can only be exported as a .RCP, .E57, or .PLY file. We only export point cloud data so unfortunately we cannot export to .OBJ, .gITF, .FBX, .USDZ, .DAE, .STL, or other mesh based 3D model formats.

How can I view exported scans on my Mac or PC?
Create a free SiteScape account to sync your scans to the cloud. Once in the cloud, you can access scans at on any device (Desktop or Mobile on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC). We recommend using CloudCompare or Meshlab to view, crop, merge, and decimate scans on your computer (full walkthroughs available on our User Guide). There are also plugins you can use to open the point cloud in tools like Blender, Unity, and Unreal Engine.

What are the units for exported scans?
Exported scan files default to meters so one unit of distance will be one meter in most 3D programs.

How accurate are my scans?
We conducted a small accuracy study and found that without tracking drift, measurements are accurate to within +/- 1 inch on average. The study included 9 scans of the same space with known measurements marked with yellow tape using various SiteScape scan density settings and then verified by measuring the control lengths with CloudCompare. Take a look at the raw data and tabulated results.

You can also find more data in this peer reviewed study comparing SiteScape to a FARO Focus.

Can I convert my point cloud into a textured mesh?
We do not recommend trying to generate a mesh from the point cloud data as the results are almost always lower quality than the original point cloud. If you're ultimately looking for a mesh with crisp textures, we recommend using Photogrammetry tools like RealityCapture or trying meshing apps like Polycam or 3DScannerApp. SiteScape is the leading tool for applications where the point cloud is the deliverable, for example as a reference for BIM/CAD, measuring distances, or sharing-quality, lightweight visualizations.

Can the max scan size be increased if I have storage space on my device?
Due to performance constraints, the max point count is limited to 12 million points per scan but we are actively working on improvements in this area!

Why are parts of my scan out of place or misaligned?
Certain things like jerky movements and direct sunlight can cause misalignments during scanning. Take a look at the scanning best practices in our User Guide for tips on improving the quality of your scans.

Other questions?

Sent us your feedback and if you’d like to share your scans or get help from a 3D scanning expert, join our community in the SiteScape Users Group

* requires iPhone 12-15 Pro, iPhone 12-15 Pro Max, or 2020-2022 iPad Pro

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